• Founders at work: Nirav Shah

    Sentinel makes remote monitoring software for hypertension, which is by far the biggest epidemic in healthcare. Get to know Nirav and his journey in building Sentinel Read more

  • Founders at work: Jamie Nacht

    HAVIUM is a tech-enabled real estate investing firm using large scale data analytics, hyper-local market knowledge and a team of real estate investment experts to help investors benefit from single family rental property. Get to know Jamie and his journey in building HAVIUM! Read more

  • Deciding which product features to build

    It’s easy to get derailed and end up investing in areas which don’t have a large ROI for your company / product. Read through our thought process of how we go about considering features. Read more

  • Company Update: April 2019

    We’re exploring growth channels - we invested more heavily in content marketing & social. We’re also deep in the customer interview process w/ hiring managers and tech employees for B2B. Read more

  • Our learnings: building in your circle suggestions

    Networks are our most powerful career asset, but as they grow it can be hard to stay in touch. We released “In your circle” suggestions to make finding the right connection at the right time easier. Read more

  • Our learnings: building in-app scheduling

    Scheduling a meeting is painful. We’ve all experienced the back and forth setting up a time and spot — sometimes taking weeks. Check out our approach to the problem with in-app scheduling. Read more

  • 8 Icebreaker questions to ask at your next networking event

    Networking is a valuable skill for professional development in all industries, but it can feel awkward and difficult to get started. What should you say or talk about? Read more

  • Deciding on React Native

    Considering React Native? We go into a bit of detail on some of the trade-offs and when it may make sense to use. It's definitely helped us iterate and ship quickly to both platforms! Read more

  • Our Year in Review: 2018

    The new year is an exciting time of the year; we reflect on our past year and set goals for the coming one - a perfect topic for our first CoffeeBreak blog. Check out our progress in 2018! Read more